Exploring New Dimensions in Imaging

Despite the development of powerful imaging techniques, the challenge of measuring the size, shape or spatial arrangement of objects in materials and tissues is still one of the toughest challenges in science. Stereology, as the science of studying solids has played a pioneering role in bringing together scientists from different disciplines sharing common analytical problems.


Today, more than ever, we need fora to share experiences in sampling, sample preparation, 2D or 3D imaging techniques, image processing and especially quantitative analysis for images and spatial data. As a logical complement, modelling and simulation techniques open new perspectives on understanding spatial processes and complex textures.


With a renewed and multidisciplinary scientific committee, the 14ICS congress builds on a long tradition of International conferences for Stereology & Image Analysis. After having secured strong links with the Asian continent and in particular with the Chinese scientific community by organizing the 13ICS in Beijing, the international congress will be back to Europe in 2015.


We look forward to welcoming you in Liège!


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Eric Pirard - Université de Liège - 24 AUG 14