General Info

General Information

Please regularly check this page for practical information about accommodation, transportation, etc.


Should you have any special requirement , feel free to contact us.




! Please be reminded that due to the Tour de France departing from Liège on July 7th, you are advised to search for a hotel room in nearby cities (Maastricht, Aachen, Brussels, Köln, ...). This will allow you to arrive in Liege by train on July 7th in the morning.


The following hotels offer special rates and have been prebooked for the conference starting July 7th. Please use the forms provided when booking.


Crowne Plaza Hotel

Mont Saint-Martin 9-11, LIEGE

+32(0)4 222 94 94

Crowne Plaza reservation form


Husa de la Couronne

Place des Guillemins 11, LIEGE

'+32(0)4 340 30 00

Husa de la Couronne reservation form


Ibis Opera

Place de le République Française 41, LIEGE

+32(0)4 230 33 33

Ibis Opera reservation form


Penta Hotel

Boulevard de la Sauvenière 100, LIEGE

+32(0)4 221 77 20

Penta Hotel reservation form


Ramada Plaza Liege

Quai Saint Léonard 36, LIEGE

+32(0)4 228 81 73

Ramada Plaza reservation form.





Check the following website for train connections to Liege (online booking, timetables): B Rail Europe




That's Belgium! Please keep in mind that Liege is also known as Luik in dutch-speaking regions or as Lüttich in german-speaking regions.

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