A "one of its kind" conference

The intention of the organizing committee is to organize a modern conference maximizing contacts between scientists. Instead of a long list of talkative parallel sessions, the congress will optimize the use of modern audio-visual technologies and will explore some innovative ideas such as:


- Organizing a true "Speed Mingling" event on July 7th to welcome everyone and make sure scientists with common interests will break the ice!


- Every author will be given a 5' plenary talk.

(see Pecha Kucha talks for good practice)


- Offer plenty of space for in depth R2R discussions

(R2R = researcher to researcher)


- Make sure conference Proceedings are freely available online


- Ask keynote speakers to deliver talks for a broad audience


- Open the conference with a public event on "Visual Perception"

Eric Pirard - Université de Liège - 24 AUG 14